AusCham is delighted to welcome EQuest Asia Company Limited as a new SME member in 2020/21.


EQuest Asia a psychological organizational management consultancy company based in Vietnam and Australia,  whose mission is to help organization to strengthen their workplace culture, tap into their staff potential by boosting their strengths, emotional intelligence and psychological wellbeing. “EQuest Asia helps organisations to create success by increasing wisdom, compassion and insight. We focus on people rather than only on processes. We help you to recognise unproductive patterns within yourself and within your organisation and how to act upon them effectively. Our approach will help you to be better equipped with emotional, growth mindset and psychological skills needed for sustained peak performance, to lead effectively with optimal wellbeing. Our partnership for sustainable changes include psychometric assessments, tailored trainings, executive coaching (accredited coaches from Australia), leadership retreats and meaningful team events.  We also offer motivational talks (conferences, seminars and soon TedX talks). We are qualified to deploy emotional intelligence, personality, mental toughness assessments.

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