AusCham is delighted to welcome Flat Planet Vietnam as a new SME member in 2019/20.


Established in 2010, Flat Planet is a family-owned, Australian-operated firm, giving businesses across the world a safe, sustainable, and personalized way to access Southeast Asian talents and markets.

To date, more than 50 companies have put their trust and confidence in growing their business with Flat Planet.

How do we help? We recruit, hire, accommodate, and then manage professional teams on your behalf in Southeast Asia. We take care of compliance with all local laws, removing complications, smoothing the way.

Giving you an easy-to-manage platform for your business growth.

Business outsourcing was once only used by massive multinational businesses. But with Flat Planet, businesses of all sizes can have the confidence to manage an offshore team to grow in a safe, cost-effective and professional way.

Outsourcing is known as a great way to support your operations at home; today it can also become a springboard for you to explore opportunities in some of the fastest growing markets on the planet.

Total Number of Staff: 10

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