AusCham is delighted to welcome KIU LLC as a SME member in 2017/18


Given birth in July 14th 2016 as the brainchild of the Founders and the Mekong Business Initiative (MBI) which is financed and supported by the Asia Development Bank, and by the generous support of the Government of Australia, Kiu LLC (USA)was founded based on research executed by MBI.

The last decade has seen the emergence of ecommerce businesse worldwide. Kiu LLC adopts the feats of technology to combine them with the national and regional business environment to launch a cross-border marketplace where buyers and suppliers interact. Buyers can find products on our marketplace or they can request that Kiu Sourcing sources the products for them. Kiu allows Australian companies/individuals to buy and sell products between Australia and the Mekong Region.

Our services not only bridge international customers to a range of high quality products, but also capitalizes on the Trans-Pacific Partnership to help regional vendors claim their position in the international market as the Mekong Region itself has the reputation of being the most productive factory in the world.

As promising as the online market we offer, Kiu ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) remains indispensable in this fast changing business world. Many say ERP would give a huge boost to the way we think about doing business, just like what the Internet offered us years ago. We sense the need of keeping abreast of changes, and Kiu ERP was created to undertake that mission. Kiu ERP allows companies to manage their accounting, HR, Sales, Inventory and much much more in a single cloud based platform. We have multi-lingual support for our ERP such as English and Vietnamese for a very low cost.

Kiu Ship is a shipping and logistics module that was created that allows buyers and sellers to get real time shipping costs and timelines, track packages, create the necessary shipping and customs documentation as well as purchase insurance for the products they’ve  purchased.

Lastly, we offer Kiu Pay which allows SMEs to access working capital on our fintech platform. Additionally, Kiu Pay allows buyers and sellers to create an account for trusted payments through our escrow services.

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