AusCham is delighted to welcome Viva Foods JSC as a new SME member in 2018/19.


We recognize the great power and importance of food. We know students want tasty and popular foods in the cafeteria. Parents want healthy, nutritious meals. Administrators want all of that at an affordable cost. We provide:

• High quality, great tasting and nutritious meals that appeal to each age group
• A variety of recipes and menus that are appetizing and affordable
• Expert chefs and registered dietitians that ensure quality and nutrition meeting or exceeding USDA standards.

Dining rooms are gathering places. Breaking bread together helps to create a sense of community and comfort. We recognize the important role we fill and take great care to honor our position. We show this care in our operations every day by…

• Cooking food from scratch using fresh seasonal ingredients
• Taking our role in the community seriously and making socially responsible purchasing decisions. We only purchase foods from Certified Suppliers.
• Serving great tasting, authentic and nutritious food that exceeds the expectations of our guests including vegetarian, vegan, and international diners
• Providing opportunities for all our employees, to develop their potential and abilities
• Recognizing that every client we serve is unique and creating tailored food programs for each one
• Serving a wide variety of menu items at each meal, each day keeping things fresh, fun, and interesting
• Viewing our operations as onsite restaurants competing with local off premise restaurants – never resting on the idea of a “captive audience”
• Being a leader in our industry by working to create a more sustainable food system

Our kitchen philosophy is simple. We cook from scratch using fresh, authentic ingredients. We start with food in its simplest, most natural form. We make our food alive with flavor and nutrition.

Our freezers are small, and our intention to serve great food is big.

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