AusCham is delighted to welcome Wastelink as a SME member in 2017/18

Wastelink provides water utilities and other bodies with software services to monitor the maintenance and servicing of various devices – wastewaster pretreatments such as greasetraps and septic tanks, and other devices such as backflow prevention devices.

These systems capture data from mobile phones and other units while the services is being provide, and centralise this in a database. This can then produce exception reports, and notify customers and businesses when services are due or overdue.

The systems can be tailored to suit specific needs.

Wastelink also provides remote data capture for many other type of information such as water quality testing

Our systems would help  in monitoring the servicing of septic tanks in rural and urban areas, and the monitoring of wastewater pretreatments in business parks and the like.

Our aim in Vietnam is to assist in improving water quality, as well as helping to protect the environment, water assets such as sewers and pumps, and protecting the people who work on these.



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