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The bombing in Bangkok on 18 August, 2015, has caused travellers to reconsider their plans.

Vietnam News is reporting that one travel agency has had 95 per cent of its clients travelling to Thailand, cancel their trips. Travellers are now considering other possible destinations. has written an article describing South East Asia as a “favourite travel ground” of Australians. The article looks at the risk factors with each country and also records the number of Australian tourists currently travelling there.

Figures on the number of Australian travellers (for financial year 2014/15) and stated level of risk, cited by the News’ article, are sourced from Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


  • 231,000 Australians travelled to Vietnam in 2014/15. “Incredible growth in recent years.” (The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism reports a figure for calendar year, 2014, of 321,000 Australians (includes tourists, business people, relatives and others) which is up 1/2 of one per cent on the previous year).
  • DFAT advice: exercise a normal degree of caution in the country, in particular in relation to drug offences.


  • 547,200 down 11 per cent from 616,300 in 2013/14.
  • DFAT advice: security situation remains volatile.


  • 1.1 million — up 10 per cent from 1 million the previous year.
  • DFAT advice: high threat of terrorist attacks and severe penalties for narcotics offences, including the death penalty.


  • 212,000, up 12 per cent on the previous year.
  • DFAT advice: a high threat of terrorist attack and a high crime rate.


  • 265,700 – down 12 per cent from 303,300 in 2013-14. This is attributed to the two incidents involving Malaysia Airlines planes and one Air Asia plane.
  • DFAT advice: exercise normal safety precautions in Malaysia “as you would in Australia.


  • 51,700 – up from 50,200
  • DFAT advice: exercise normal safety precautions, use common sense and look out for suspicious behaviour.


  • 361,600
  • DFAT advice: Penalties for drug offences are also severe and include the death penalty. Australians should exercise normal precautions.


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