Tuoi Tre News, 9 November 2015. Why do Vietnamese students refuse to return home after studying abroad?

An edited extract of the original article is attached.

A question framed during a session of the Vietnamese National Assembly early this month has drawn attention to the fact that many local students do not like to return home after studying abroad.

At the session on November 2 discussing the country’s socioeconomic situation in 2015 and making plans for 2016, deputy Nguyen Ngoc Hoa from Ho Chi Minh City gave the example of Vietnam failing to use talents, repeating the story that only one of the 13 winners of the past “Road to Mt. Olympia’s Peak” quiz shows have come back to Vietnam for work after graduating from universities in Australia.

They studied in that country on scholarships granted by the sponsor of the annual show, which was first held in 1999.

“Why do 12 out of 13 of them refuse to return home?” Hoa wondered.

Last year, a heated debate erupted among many Vietnamese people over the choice of the winners to stay in Australia instead of returning to Vietnam after finishing their studies.

The competition is one of Vietnam’s biggest quiz contests for high school students with the winner granted a scholarship of US$35,000 to study in Australia.

Differing opinions have flooded local newswires and social networks since a newspaper article pointed out that only Luong Phuong Thao, winner of the third season, has returned to Vietnam for work after she had earned a master’s degree in Australia.

“Our people have a studious tradition, and people are now investing large sums of money in the young generation, especially those who are studying abroad,” Hoa said at the session.

“Many parents and students wish to return home for work but it is a pity that we have wasted this precious workforce due to the lack of appropriate policy,” he added.

Vietnam needs a breakthrough in attracting and using talents, he said.

The deputy’s thought has drawn the attention of the community which has recently been divided into two camps: one supporting those who choose to return and the other which does not…


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