The Reverie Saigon is honoring the Mid-Autumn Festival with three sets of traditional mooncakes, each presented in stunning lacquer boxes decorated in the colours reminiscent of the precious stones used throughout the hotel. Available in four or eight cake sets, they are the perfect gift to wish family and friends a warm, peaceful and prosperous Mid-Autumn Festival.

The eight-cake set of 100gr cakes is finished in two colours. The first is the blue of the sodalite marble, which is renowned for its calming effect that promotes logical thinking and inner peace. The material is found in abundance in the hotel’s lobby. The second eight-cake set is finished in a yellow agate crystal hue, inspired by the beautiful agate that adorns the hotel’s main entrance and gives the lifts a warm glow. Agate is considered a protection stone with a vibrant yellow colour that inspires a feeling of empowerment and good fortune.

Flavours in the eight-cake set include roasted chicken with abalone and sea cucumber; Chinese sausage; assorted nuts; lotus seed and green tea; taro and melon seeds; lotus seed paste; black sesame; and coconut and melon seeds. The eight-cake box is priced at 2,288,000 net per box and also includes a 100gr box of Oolong tea.

The four-cake set decorated with a green malachite colour offers 200gr cakes with two salted yolks. The inspiration for this elegant emerald green box is drawn from the malachite crystal stone handcrafted into The Reverie Saigon’s grand piano and clock by Baldi. Not only does malachite have a very regal and mesmerizing appearance, it also symbolises the healing connection with nature. The premium flavours include roasted chicken with abalone and sea cucumber; Chinese sausage; lotus seeds and green tea; and coconut and melon seeds. The four-cake box plus a 100gr box of Oolong tea is priced at 1,888,000 net per box.

Mr. James Young, Vice President Resources Planning and Development of WMC Group, which operates The Reverie Saigon, said the mooncake boxes celebrated the signature architecture and design of The Reverie Saigon. “This hotel is visually stunning, and there is truly nothing like it in the world,” he said, “and the designs of this year’s mooncake boxes extend on that vision.”

Mooncakes are currently available at The Reverie Boutique on Level 2 of the Times Square Building. Orders can also be placed by calling (028) 3823 6688 or by e mailing to: Multiple orders can benefit from up to 20% off the total price, whilst orders of 10 or more boxes receive free delivery to District 1, 3, 4, and 5.

The Reverie Saigon

Times Square Building

22-36 Nguyen Hue Blvd. & 57-69F Dong Khoi St.

District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel: (028) 3823 6688

(Applicable for WMC Prestige membership)