AusCham is elected to represent Associate Chambers in VBF Management Board

Member News

Dear Members and Friends,

We are excited to announce that AusCham has been selected as the representative of Associate Chambers on the VBF Management Board.

The Vietnam Business Forum (VBF), established in 1997, serves as a vital channel of communication between the business community and the Vietnamese Government. Recognized as a key player in shaping reforms for a better business environment in Vietnam, the VBF collaborates with the Government to facilitate long-term and sustainable business performance, promote the interests of both national and international business communities, and enhance investment and trade in local and overseas markets.

The VBF's objectives include conducting research, legal analysis, problem identification, and offering practical solutions. The VBF umbrella comprises 06 Consortium and 09 Associate members, representing both local and foreign business chambers and associations. The VBF is overseen by a Management Board, including 06 Consortium Members and two out of the eight Associate Chambers. 

In 2022, AusCham and SCCV were reelected to the Management Board, and now in 2024, AusCham has been re-elected by other Associate Chambers once again. This reaffirms AusCham's significant contribution to the prosperity of the entire business community in Vietnam and its active involvement in the policy-making process.

AusCham remains committed to striving for a better business environment in Vietnam.

Thank you for your continued support.