Become a Corporate Sponsor

As an Australian Chamber of Commerce Corporate Sponsor, your company will automatically gain the publicity and brand recognition it needs to compete in today's competitive environment.

AusCham Corporate Sponsors are more likely to reach local businesses and community leaders who recognize and appreciate companies that help support sound economic development initiatives that create a healthy business climate.

When you sponsor AusCham, an event or program, your company benefits from:

AusCham events and programs are highly publicized...and so are our sponsors! Your company's brand name and sponsorship recognition is included in various specialized publications including, but not limited to, the Chamber website, digital newsletters, social media pages (including Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram) and in all collateral materials as well as print advertising to help you lock in valuable public recognition.

Access to New Business Relationships
The unique one-on-one marketing aspects of AusCham's events and programs provide companies access to dozens of new clients and customers. AusCham events are also an ideal forum for renewing and strengthening relationships with existing clients and customers. If your company strives to have its name recognized with professionals, executives, managers and other influential business decision makers, sponsorship of AusCham programs and events is the answer.

Customized Sponsorships
Many creative opportunities exist to tailor a sponsorship opportunity specifically designed to showcase your business to your target market. Let our staff create the perfect sponsorship match for your business.

Download the matrix, click HERE for English version and HERE for Vietnamese version.


If you want to know how an AusCham Corporate Sponsorship can promote your profile and brand, please complete the form below and send or contact the Executive Director at for a conversation.