Charity Partners

Selection of AusCham Partner Charity Policy

1. Why is a policy necessary?

Section 2.3 (c) of the AusCham Charter states the chamber may support appropriate charitable organisations. There are currently no criteria defining appropriate use and there is no requirement for transparency of use of donated funds. The Board has a responsibility to its members to ensure the highest level of transparency in all its undertakings and as such should have defined measurable criteria when selecting an appropriate charitable organisation. This support may include donations in-kind as well as the donation of funds from specific events.

2. Who does it apply to?

This policy applies to the selection of charities the chamber decides to support for either a defined period or on a one-off basis. 

3. What is a charitable organisation?

A charitable organisation for the purposes of AusCham policy is a suitably licensed NGO, Social Enterprise or Not for Profit operating in Vietnam.

Further, such organisations must be a member of AusCham and with some link to Australia either as an Australian based charity or with an Australian passport holder leadership. 

The chamber will select a maximum of two major charity partners and three partner associates with a split in aggregate funds of 25% to each of the major charity partners and partner associates getting 16.66% of raised funds each.

4. What does an appropriate charitable organisation get from AusCham?

These organisations can expect a one-year period of support from the AusCham Board. Charities can expect the chamber to participate in fundraising events, make donations in kind via the provision of expertise or advertising, banner ads on the AusCham website and other co-branding opportunities as well as chamber volunteer initiatives. There is no guarantee of any amount of funds.

5. What does AusCham get from an appropriate charitable organisation?

The chamber expects partner charities to maintain high standards of governance and maintain a suitable license for operation. The chamber expects a business plan for the application of funds as well as an interim report every 12 months as to the use of these funds.
The chamber expects charitable organisations to participate in its selection criteria.

6. Steps to selection of charitable organisations

●    Call for AusCham members to nominate charities for the chamber to work with for a 1 YEAR engagement  
●    From that list – ask the charities to send in an application to AusCham referencing that they meet our 7 criteria as well as outlining how they will apply the funds e.g. stating critical need
●    Charity criteria 
●    Connection to Australia either originated from Australia or run by AU
●    Valid license as either NGO, Not for Profit or Social Enterprise 
●    Last year of audited financials 
●    Proof of activities 
●    Budget and narrative of use of money
●    References from existing or past donors
●    Operating in VN with funds to be used in VN only 

7. Charity Selection

The board will review these applications to ensure they meet the criteria, demonstrate a need and select a maximum of two major charity partners and three partner associates to align with for 1 year.

8. Payment and Reporting

Payment would be made based on 90% requiring mid-year reporting with the balance 10% based on receiving a final impact report.

Current AusCham Charity Partners

Blue Dragon Children's Foundation
Heart Reach Australia
Kianh Foundation
Thanh Loc Project