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Future Traditions


Future Traditions grew from designer Cynthia Mann’s love for Vietnamese ethnic minority textiles. Future Traditions works directly with local communities to create new markets for at risk handicrafts. The result: unique pieces of locally made batik, indigo hemp and
embroidery integrated into contemporary street wear.

The traditional handcrafted textiles produced for Future Traditions include:
* Hand stitched applique ribbon and indigo batik made by local H'Mông women in Moc Chau Province.
* Fine handcrafted embroidered panels made by two sisters from the Red Dao village of Ta Phin, Sapa. Each motif represents a detail of village life, such as the growing and harvesting of crops.
* Hand dyed and hand woven brocade produced by women from the Thai community in Nghệ An province.
* Remnants of vintage H'Mông skirts and other pieces of ethnic minority textiles are also given a new life, as details on jackets, pants, dresses and tops.

Working with local artisans, Cynthia also designs handcrafted sterling silver jewellery featuring sea glass and ceramics salvaged from Vietnam’s coastline.
Industry: NGO, Retails, Other
Street: 17, 11/18 (Ngo 45) To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho
Phone: +84 904962602
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