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Heart Reach Australia (HRA) is a non profit humanitarian aid charity organization, committed to bringing changes that will help improve educational and medical facilities for the current and future generations in Vietnam.

Since 1990, our Director, Chris O’Dempsey, and numerous dedicated volunteer personnel, have been involved in the development of programs and carrying out of projects in many areas of Vietnam.

In the 25 years since Chris started the humanitarian aid programs, much has happened to benefit the country. In this time, personal visits, systems, and contacts have ensured the funding is all used where it is intended.

Because of good relationships with the Medical University and the Minister for Health, Chris has maximized the benefits of available funds over this time, and seen firsthand the release of humanitarian aid and medical equipment in several provinces, that have changed the lives of thousands of everyday Vietnamese.

HRA has developed a Medical Clinic in Ben Tre, provided 12 dialysis machines for two renal units in HCMC, started Vietnam’s first Eye Bank, overseen the Dong Nai Children’s Hospital upgrade, sourced required machines and supplies for several regional Medical Clinics that needed to be better equipped, and much more.

The last three years HRA has assisted around 5,000 people through it’s Children’s Sponsorship program, with many more yet to be helped.

The close working relationships with friends and partners guarantees the best use of time, money, and resources in all activities, and gives Vietnam’s people the best possible benefits from the aid.

This hard earned experience, backed by the trust and support of the people and governments where we are privileged to work, has brought a great amount of medical aid, training, educational aid, and provision of numerous medical facilities to the country. It is an ongoing and rewarding, but often heart wrenching, activity.

Based in Queensland, Australia, we see the needs of those who live in nearby developing countries as a challenge to be met.

We believe such challenges should, and can, be met. We believe all people have the right to a quality of life.

We encourage you to share this vision.

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