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Australia - Mekong Partnership For Environmental Resources & Energy System Co., Ltd (AMPERES)


Australia-Mekong Partnership for Environmental Resources and Energy Systems (AMPERES) is an independent research and engineering enterprise that works to introduce innovation and sustainability into the markets and policy environment of the Greater Mekong Region.
We are a subsidiary of AMPERES Australia Pty Ltd; have offices in Perth, Australia and Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam, and are active in all six of the Greater Mekong countries (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, China, Thailand and Viet Nam).
We work through a small team of committed staff as well as a large network of associates, but we recognise that success in solving the sustainability challenges of communities, businesses and governments of the region requires collaboration. In all our projects we work through partnerships that assemble a team of academic, civil-society and commercial partners to ensure the best processes, technologies and evidence underpin our work.

The Greater Mekong is a region of rich diversity – of biodiversity, people and cultures. Our vision for the Mekong is an equitable, resilient community free of poverty and free of carbon.
Our mission is to catalyse integrated solutions to the entrenched sustainability problems facing governments, communities, and the private sector of the Greater Mekong region through equitable and inclusive management of environmental, water and energy resources.

Working at the interface between engineering, research, and technology we utilise the strength of data, modelling, deliberative processes, and markets to drive change towards sustainability:
1. We support government to implement evidence-based policy, integrated climate change and environmental assessments to improve the sustainability and inclusivity of policy and planning processes.
2. We work with communities to empower lives and improve livelihoods through affordable energy and water access.
3. We collaborate with universities and research institutes to test, extend and scale innovative technology towards successful commercialization.
4. We work with companies and industry to decarbonize their business promote energy independence and reduce operating costs.

We are a subsidiary of one of Australia’s leading solar-storage companies (Unlimited Energy Australia Pty Ltd.) and a distributor for the world’s leading lithium ion battery storage technology (TESVOLT GmbH).
Together with UEA we have won or been finalists in eight international renewable energy awards since 2012, including:
• Alliance for Rural Electrification 2019 Winner (Private Sector category)
• Intersolar Smarter-E award – 2018 Winner (joint winner with Tesvolt GmbH)
• United Nations Dept. Economic & Social Affairs (UNDESA) “powering the future’ award – 2017 Finalist
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