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Aus4Skills, an Aus4Vietnam investment by the Australian Government, is a five-year program providing support to Vietnam to achieve the shared goal that Vietnam can access and use high level professional and technical knowledge, skills and competencies to contribute to the country’s sustainable economic and social development, and enduring links with Australia. Aus4Skills commenced in February 2016 and will conclude at the end of 2020.

Apart from the prestigious Australia Awards Scholarships program, the Australian Government is providing human resource development support to Vietnam. The support focuses on five priority areas: Promoting Industry Linkages with Vocational Education and Training, Improving Quality of Universities in the Northern Mountainous Region, Advancing Women in Leadership, Supporting Australia’s Aid Investment Plan, and Supporting Australia’s Broader Interests.

The Australian Government is committed to supporting alumni upon their return to Vietnam to apply the knowledge and skills gained in Australia to their workplace, community and Vietnam’s socio-economic development through soft skills training, seminars, small grants fund and access to academic databases.
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