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AVG Food & Beverage is a member of the Asia Vacation Group based in Melbourne, Victoria. When coming to us, you have a wide collection of beef, wagyu, lamb, wine, beer, pantry, cold cuts.

As a distributor of high-quality Australian food & beverage products, we put much attention in selecting partners and products to make consistent with our motto "From Farm To Fork", providing high-end customers with high-qualified products, taking into account all factors that affect dining experiences from farm to the plate.

We establish a chain of stores under the AVG Food & Beverage trusted brand nationwide and also supply premium imported products to supper markets, hotels & restaurants, butcher shops, and our large distributor network. In addition to stocking products, the store offers home-cooked cooking services to VIP customers via a network of reputable, experienced, and highly specialized chefs.
Industry: Food Import
Street Address: 352B Lac Long Quan St, Xuan La Ward, Tay Ho Dist, Hanoi
Email Address:
Phone: +84 93965665
2nd Office Address: Suite 902, 11 Queens Road, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia
2nd Office Email:
2nd Office Phone: +84 979406301
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Co-founder of AVG Food, CEO of AVG Group