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Simos Paul

Big Vision Life Coach at Big Vision Life Coach
Member Since: 1970


Paul is a mature Executive Life Coach, Health Coach, Author and NLP Master Practitioner. He has been living and working in Vietnam since 2009. Paul understands the cultural differences of the Vietnamese and other nationalities and how to find agreeable resolutions in working with Companies, C-Level managers, staff, groups, couples, teenagers and individuals. He has a fundamental belief about his clients which frames how they work together i.e. they already have everything they need to achieve success. His role as coach is to stimulate and challenge his clients to unlock their successful beliefs, skills, and behavior patterns. Many people are heavily influenced by 4 clouds in their lives which are, Negative Thinking, Negative Emotions, Inner Conflict and Limiting Beliefs. These 4 clouds are holding us back in our lives by continually creating the same negative experiences in life and perpetuating past problems. Our past becoming our future, and nothing changes, or experiences get worst in our lives. Through His training and Transformational Interventions He turns the 4 clouds into Positive Thinking, Positive Emotions, Wholeness, Empowering Beliefs. This allows our clients to transform their behavior and create a compelling future instead of recreating the past… Paul continues to study and research in Coaching and NLP, his passion is helping others to excel in their life through Coaching, Developing and Training. Paul has been working with many clients (individuals and companies) on different training & coaching programs which are transformational.
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