Defamation and Bad-Mouthing: A Practical Guide to the Laws of Vietnam

Both in modern world and in days past, people have highly valued their honor and dignity. In fact, social standing has always been considered one of the foremost factors in determining whether a person is successful in society. As such, it is not surprising that some individuals, who want to advance their goals, have inevitably used various means to insult the honor and dignity of others to benefit themselves. 

To protect the honor and dignity of individuals, the laws of countries around the world contain specific provisions penalizing such behavior. Two of these behaviors, that carry criminal, administrative and/or civil liability in Vietnam, are Defamation and Bad Mouthing. 

In this article, Le & Tran outline the laws of Vietnam and the sanctions relevant to addressing Defamation and Bad-mouthing towards others as well as the best practices in handling these claims.

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