[Insight] Our latest findings on Vietnam Customer Experience are out!


We are pleased to announce the launching of 2022 Vietnam Customer Experience Excellence Report. This year report surveys over 1560 consumers and takes on their evaluation of 79 local and global brands across 8 sectors to see how companies have thrived during challenging times.

Today, companies are persistently finding momentum to accelerate their businesses while facing residual socio-economic challenges. As Vietnam enters the phase of accelerating digital transformation, enterprises must join the race if they wish to survive and thrive in the new era. Despite being carried out all over the world, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for digital transformation, even for those that operate in the same field. That's why understanding of customer needs and expectations plays a central role in executing a successful digital transformation.

The report identifies top 10 performing brands and industries in providing exceptional experiences from the consumer's point of view. Based on KPMG’s The Six Pillars methodology, we use the CEE score that derives from the weighted average of a brand’s score for every pillar to measure its customer experience performance.

The Six Pillars of Customer Experience Excellence have been consistently shown to be the essential characteristics needed to build strong experiences. Whether that is increased share of wallet, loyalty, or advocacy, these six factors are the prerequisites for commercial success. Together with the advance of digital integration, it is essential for companies to take into consideration all of these pillars and create an efficient, personalized relationships with customers that can yield life-long loyalty.

“2022 is the year for most companies to gain momentum after COVID and clearly those who are well-prepared are getting ahead with exponential leap in CX performance. On the other hand, customers are demanding more from brands than ever. Delivering Expectations, more Personalization and Integrity are essential to create a strong and sustainable connection between brands and customers.”

In this year’s Vietnam CEE report, we aim to provide the overall landscape of how brands in Vietnam are enhancing their customer experience and equip you with the right knowledge as you embark on your customer experience transformation journey.

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2022 Vietnam Customer Experience Excellence Report