Playfair Advisory and Ascending Strategies Forge Strategic Partnership for Growth in Vietnam and Australia

Hanoi on 9th May 2024, PLAYFAIR Advisory and Ascending Strategies has signed their strategic partnership MOU, which aims to accelerate business growth and expansion in Vietnam and Australia. 

In a move to accelerate expansion and growth strategies for businesses in Vietnam and Australia, Playfair Advisory and Ascending Strategies have joined forces in a strategic partnership. Leveraging their combined experience, knowledge, and innovative approaches, the collaboration aims to empower clients in navigating complexities yet seizing opportunities for market expansion.

PLAYFAIR  Advisory is a leading expert providing personalised immigration and visa services for individuals, families, and businesses from over 45 countries. Ascending Strategies offers forefront management consulting and strategic advice to corporates, non-profits, and professional associations. 



Since its inception in 1988, Playfair Advisory has been at the forefront of providing personalized immigration and visa services, boasting a skilled team of solicitors, registered migration agents, and consultants. With a keen understanding of the immigration application process and challenges, Playfair Advisory has established itself as a trusted partner for individuals seeking immigration solutions.

Richard Nguyen, Co-Founder of Playfair Advisory, brings over 8 years of experience in the financial services and consulting industry to the table. His expertise extends to his role as the director of a joint-venture real estate business specializing in Australian properties for predominantly Vietnamese clients.

Ascending Strategies, is a leading management consulting company offering strategic advice to corporates, non-profits, and professional associations. Led by Natalie Fairlie, Founder and Managing Director, and Vice President of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, Ascending Strategies brings extensive international experience and global connections to the partnership. Natalie's 20 years of career experience includes her role as a qualified corporate lawyer and governance specialist, coupled with executive management experience in the property and advisory sectors, positioning Ascending Strategies as a trusted advisor for clients exploring market expansion.

The partnership between Playfair Advisory and Ascending Strategies is rooted in the spirit of growth orientation and openness to emerging technologies and markets. Formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding, the collaboration aims to support clients in advancing their interests in both Vietnam and Australia.

With a focus on industries such as property and construction, fintech, technology, and innovation, the partnership targets Australian businesses seeking expansion into Vietnam's dynamic market, as well as Vietnamese companies looking to provide their advanced technology, skilled workforce and clients seeking opportunities within Australian enterprises.

Both Natalie and Richard, along with their respective teams, are energized and motivated to support clients in both markets, drawing inspiration from the benefits experienced by their own businesses and clients who have embraced the opportunity to expand into new markets.

The strategic partnership between Playfair Advisory and Ascending Strategies embraces the joint statement of Australia and Vietnam on the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and underscores the pivotal role of knowledge-building and people-to-people ties in strengthening connections between organizations in both countries.