She Can’t Find a Decent Man!

They are either taken or they just don’t shape up

We just completed our first coaching call and as always, we took a trip down memory lane. In the first session, I like to understand the environment in which my client grew up. This will help us connect the dots to what’s happening in their life today.

She had a relatively happy childhood and had fond memories of growing up with her family and caregivers. One thing we did discover during this first session is that she is very hard on herself.

“How you do anything is how you do everything”

When you are tough on yourself, you will apply the same standard to those around your whether in a professional or personal setting.

We are starting to get more understanding and something tangible to work with, of why she is unable to find a decent man.

Love Yourself Up and Be Kind to Yourself

When you can learn to love yourself up and be kind to yourself, that’s when you will show the same considerations to those around you.

If you’re looking for a life partner, being tough on them is probably not the best start to a lasting loving relationship.

How can you love someone else up if you don’t practice the same behavior with yourself? The way we talk to ourselves sometimes (internal dialogue); If we said the same things to our friends, we wouldn’t have any.

We really need to become aware of our own behavior and programs we are running on ourselves and others.

Being tough on yourself probably works in certain circumstances but if you’re trying to attract a man/woman into your life, probably not the right strategy.

Become The Person You Want to Attract

Sometimes you can have a very high expectation for the perfect partner you are looking to attract into your life, which is a good thing. We need to set our standards high.

If you look at the scale of 1–10. No1 = never going to happen, No10 = the perfect partner. You are obviously looking for a No 10, correct?

Now if you’re looking for a No 10, what do you think they are looking for? That’s right, your right, a No 10.

Are you the same No 10 in the qualities, looks, behavior, capabilities, etc. as the No 10 you’re looking for?

Like energies attract. We like people who are like us. Start to become the person you want to be with and once you’re in alignment, the odds of them showing up will massively increase.

How do they dress? How do they talk? How do they walk? What part of town are they living? Where do they socialize? Where do they exercise? What are their hobbies and interests?

One Glove Doesn’t Fit All

Everyone is different and the reasons I just mentioned, for not having a partner, may have hit the nail on the head for you. Now you know what you need to do to close the gap in finding your love relationship.

For the rest of you, it very well could be another reason why you haven’t found that perfect partner YET.

Start to observe your own relationships with other successful relationships and see if you can identify what you need to DO or BE to close the gap in your own love relationship. Then one day soon you will be walking into the sunset, hand in hand, to enjoy and share the rest of your life.

It’s worth the investment of time and energy.

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