What About Vietnam

What About Vietnam

Along with her guests, Kerry Newsome, the host, draws on her own vast experience in Vietnam to delve deeper into traveller experiences, destinations and must do things, with her guests. Everyone’s experience is unique, and that’s what makes them so entertaining and thought provoking.

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Why not check out the latest podcast where Kerry interviews Colm Hutchinson, an Irish local expat and founder of the digital Media company – Halo media.

 Colm gives listeners the scoop on why Nha Trang is an amazing destination.

Series 5 - 4- is UP NOW:- The 10 Best Things About Nha Trang You May Not Know About.


While Vietnam has many great destinations, there is something undeniably special about Nha Trang. If you are looking for a beachside city with several beautiful, dreamy islands that have 300 days of sunshine, then head to Nha Trang. For those searching for an exquisitely restful escape you can’t do better.

The best thing about Colm and the role he plays in Nha Trang’s tourism, is that he does a lot of work with local hotels, tourism bodies, brands and eating establishments.

In fact, he has the insider view and speaks so fluently to the 10, actually 11 things he thinks make Nha Trang such a special place. Nha Trang is a tourist destination making Colm incredibly connected to the heartbeat of this magical place.

On this show, we explore the top 10 things to do in this beachside paradise. Topics include the best beaches, golf, the Salt Fields and much more that make this beautiful location one of Vietnam's gems.

So settle back for a super interesting show about this beachside paradise as we explore:

  1. 05.04 – The weather
  2. 07.02 – The best beaches
  3. 15.02 – Island hopping – walking on water
  4. 16.01 – The Salt fields
  5. 22.37 – Good time to visit after Covid
  6. 24.26 – The culture – Explore Cham civilisation and pagodas
  7. 26.24 – Biking about on a Vespa
  8. 31.03 – Mud baths, good for the skin
  9. 32.59 – Food – The seafood mecca
  10. 42.35 – Golf – 3 challenging courses 20 mins apart
  11. 45.09 – Cam Ranh – styles of accommodation + resorts and A SPECIAL 2 NIGHT STAY OFFER – More detail on the website - www.whataboutvietnam.com

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