What About Vietnam. S4EP19: Vietnam Wins The Hearts Of The Daring

What About Vietnam S4EP19 - Vietnam Wins The Hearts Of The Daring

In this show, AIvaro offers some of the ways in which Vietnam provides travelers the chance to challenge themselves in a relatively safe manner and on a range of different budgets. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one! Series 4 - E19 - is UP NOW: Vietnam Wins The Hearts Of The Daring

Is Vietnam for the daring and brave of heart? If Vietnam feels like a leap of faith to you, press PLAY because after listening to this episode, you are sure to book your flight!


Tipping the scales in favor of Vietnam in terms of attracting the daring is the friendliness of the Vietnamese and the fact that there are so many things to discover that the list of places to visit never ends. In the latest episode, AIvaro explains that the wellness aspect of travel in Vietnam is developing rapidly. Particularly in terms of resorts, because there are a lot of new hotel destinations coming, these are hotels that become a destination in their right.


You will discover endless possibilities for adventure, including exploring the Mekong Delta. The experience of crossing the Mekong in a boat is a must, while Hội An and Huế are both must-visit destinations in terms of architectural value and history. Then in the North, daring travelers will love hiking in Sapa. Vietnam indeed has an adventure for every daring and bold heart.


So there you have it:-

Vietnam Wins The Hearts Of The Daring with guest Ivaro Moreno

Some highlights in the show:

00:01:37 – Trip Planning And Design

00:009:18 – Traveling Vietnam As A Tourist

00:16:50 – Vietnam: A Place You Can Challenge Yourself

00:21:40 – Favorite Areas Of Vietam/Must Visit Places

00:23:46 – Hotels As Destinations

00:34:20 – Beer Culture And Celebration In Vietnam

00:39:25 – A Girls Getaway

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