The Wool Industry Networking Event hosted by AusHub Vietnam

The intimate gathering in Ho Chi Minh City welcomed over 30 esteemed guests from industry key players. As part of WoolProducers Australia's initiative to bring early-stage wool processing to Vietnam, this event aims to promote exploration and collaboration between the two countries for a very unique commodity.

In the opening remarks, Consul-General Sarah Hooper expressed her strong support for the program, which aligns with high-level bilateral cooperation strategies. Simon Fraser, Executive Director of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AusCham) also shared his thoughts on the wool industry's potential in Vietnam, the country's momentum for growth, as well as the significance of AusHub's establishment as a catalyst for trade and investment opportunities.

Representing Australian wool growers, Jo Hall, the CEO, and Adam Dawes, the General Manager of WoolProducers Australia sent in a video message that highlights Vietnam's importance in the wool supply chain.  With world-leading sustainable practices, Australia has so much to offer in terms of not only capital investment but also technology transfer and labor upskilling. 

Josh Appleton-Miles, Project Manager from Deloitte, presented preliminary findings from his recent research trip. Having visited different industrial parks across Vietnam and met with local governments, the consultant believed Vietnam's existing downstream supply chain is an ideal start for capacity expansion and growth.

Although further analysis and validation are required, this phase of the project marked a solid milestone for both Vietnamese and Australian stakeholders.  





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