I  am an Australian from Melbourne, living and working in Vietnam since 2005, with offices in Hanoi and HCMC.
I have been an Auscham member since 2005 - Director, Chairman of Hanoi Chapter, and Vice-President during that time. I am Head of Agribusiness Working Group of the VBF and have represented Auscham in workshops, conferences and seminars in Vietnam and overseas. I have a strong business relationship with the Australian Embassy and the Australian Consulate. I have good relationships with all Business Chambers including AmCham, BBGV and EuroCham.
I have excellent knowledge and understanding of business in Vietnam, as well as particular experience dealing with government authorities in provinces throughout the country. I continue to serve and represent Auscham, I believe I could contribute effectively to the Board of Directors in 2023. I wish to stand as a 2023 Hanoi Director.