VIVA Business Consulting - The Local Required Compliances (Foreign Investor – Manager – Expert In Vietnam)

Foreigners who are working in Vietnam shall have fully complied with local regulations to avoid and prevent any violations in advance. VIVA Business Consulting provides one-stop services to assist foreigners with compliance procedures while living and working in Vietnam, ensuring legality and optimization.


General compliances for expats in Vietnam:

  • Vietnam entry and exit Visa.
  • Work permit and employment relations by laws.
  • Residence cards for expats and relatives.

Compliances on employment relations:

  • Employee / professional profiles.
  • Appointment letters, labor and appendix contracts.
  • Changes in labor contracts, termination of employment relations.

Compliances on personal income tax:

  • Local and global taxable incomes.
  • Methods of tax declaration and tax report.
  • Tax payment and annual settlement.
  • Final settlement, tax refund.

Compliances on compulsory insurance:

  • Expats who are required to participate in compulsory insurance.
  • Rate and salary on which compulsory social insurance premiums are based.
  • The one-off benefit payment in case no longer working in Vietnam.

Under the management of VIVA Business Consulting, each of the above procedures will be proved by lawful documents, kept in the form of business records standards, and ready to meet all requirements of state agencies for many years to come.


VIVA is the local expert for local business compliance procedures, we have been trusted by thousands of foreign investors, multinational companies from Europe, Japan, Singapore, India, Korea, USA… regard to market entry service, required business compliance procedures by local laws and regulations, merger and acquisition since 2006.