How Multi-Tasking Dumbs You Down!

Steven is a high-level executive working for a multi-national company in downtown New York. He is under the pump to complete a report that needs to be submitted tonight for a meeting tomorrow morning.

Steven quickly packs up his computer and paperwork and heads home, hoping to complete the report before lights out at 10pm.

When he enters the home his 2 kids, Jason, and Marie, run to daddy to remind him that tonight is the night he promised to play a game with them.
One of Stevens higher values is family. He invests a lot of time and energy into nurturing and loving his family. He dedicates specific times where he can be 100% present with them. Tonight, was one of those times.

After diner Steven opens his laptop and starts to work on his report to complete it before the pending deadline. Five minutes into it Jason and Marie appear from nowhere and start to pull daddy away from his work.

Steven starts to play a board game with his kids while at the same time with one eye fixed on his computer screen. 20 minutes into the game, Steven has lost his temper twice while Jason and Marie are acting up, fighting screaming, and crying.

How Multi-Tasking Dumbs You Down

When you try to do 2 complex tasks, that require your undivided attention you will dumb yourself down and reduce your results.

Steven could not split his focus and attention between his work and family at the same time. These 2 tasks were complex (important) tasks and needed his full attention on each of them separately. As a result, both tasks ended up been a disaster and a bad experience for all involved. Everything got dumbed down because of this multi-tasking experience.

When trying to complete 2 or more complex or important tasks simultaneously, you will dumb yourself down, you will dumb your results down. You will create a dumbed down experience.

If someone ever tells you that they are great at multi-tasking, proceed with caution! I don’t care how good you are because our mind / brain works more effectively and efficiently while focusing on one task at a time.

Multi-tasking on Simple Tasks

We can multitask on simple tasks.
That’s right, tasks that are less important and require less focus and conscious attention.

For example:

•    Listen to music while doing the dishes or exercising
•    Watching TV while scrolling on the phone
•    Reading a book while listening to music
•    Walking while listening to an audio book

Multi-tasking the above can be done with less negative consequences but you will have to remember, you will still be dumbing yourself down and reducing your efficiency and results only to a lesser degree.
The more complex the task, the more conscious you need to be, the more you will dumb everything down and reduce your effectiveness if you multitask.

What’s The Solution?

Become a world class athlete in everything you do! Do you think world class athletes and sport stars like, 
•    Nadia Comaneci. …
•    Michael Phelps. …
•    Roger Federer. …
•    Usain Bolt. …
•    Steffi Graf. …
•    Michael Jordan. …
•    Serena Williams

Would multi-task during a high-performance match or Olympic competition? I didn’t think so.

If you want the results of a world class performer in any or every area of your life, FOCUS on the task at hand. Give it your undivided attention. Block everything else out of your awareness and watch the magic happen in your life.

Make it a habit and life will never be the same again.

This will help you to develop Olympic type behavior, improve your skills and capabilities while skyrocketing your results.

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