What About Vietnam - S3-18 – Discover an emerging comedy scene in Saigon – A must do!

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Here’s an overview of the latest podcast episode UP NOW:-

What About Vietnam - S3-18 – Discover an emerging comedy scene in Saigon – A must do! CLICK HERE

Here’s an overview of the show:

What About if I told you there is a “happening” Comedy Scene in Saigon? After the years just passed, I thought this has to go on the "MUST DO" things during your stay in this vibrant city.

I am talking about a fun night out in a funky place right in the heart of Saigon.

My guest, Niall Mackay is no stranger to the comedy scene in Saigon having lived in Vietnam since 2016. A well-known Stand Up Comedian, and Podcaster of his own Vietnam podcast “Seven Million bikes”, and “Did that really happen?”, he is ideally placed to talk about the evolution of English speaking comedy in Saigon.
Niall takes us through some great stories of how the comedy scene has matured with some surprising talent and venues.  
As an organiser, promoter, and comedian himself he shares with us the bevy of talent coming through. From local Vietnamese doing English speaking comedy, to the many Expats who also relish the chance to jump on stage and bring the house down.

Niall hopes to be back on stage next week. Check out http://www.sevenmillionbikes.com/ to find tickets to shows and everything about his podcasts. 
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